Common plants that thrive all over the planetEdit

Plains weedEdit

It is actually not a weed nut it is called a weed because once it reaches it's adult hood stage it is impossible to move out with out digging it out. This plant is an iceberg, most of it is under ground and unseen going easily more than ten yards, the part above ground varies but the stereotypical is a lush green knot of grass find a patch of grass is a good clue that it is a Plains weed. The plant is the most major source for water for most every animal because it works like a well that pumps up water from the depths, how this works: the roots find a water source (which is way more abundant bellow ground) and pulls it up for photosynthesis the water is stored up in the above ground part along with it's seeds, (there are other water containment in the roots as well) for an unknown reason they are overabundant in the equatorial area believed it's because they prefer excessive amounts of light. finding one of these could easily save your live from multiple dangerous situations including dying from thirst being cooked/boiled/burnt alive from the sun and the sand as well as a few other things.