If you wish to Contribute to Vajion please follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure that your work works with everything else in Vajion
  2. Send a copy of your works to me with your name-the page it would go on(if a new page put (Page) next to the name at the botom of the page leave your signature
  3. if aproved continue in 3-1 id not approved continue onto 3-2
    1. you may proced to place ontent in the area without distrupting any other content
    2. you may discard, redo or edit your work and go back to step 2 or quit
  4. when the content is in and compete than please leave credit for your work.

Rightnow I could use some help paticualaly with

  • sintinent beings
  • animals
  • plants
  • geolagy
  • anything else