Vajion is the fith planet orbiting around a blue giant right inside the goldilox zone for most of it's orbitonce in a while it will pass it the to hot for life on the day side since it's orbit is allot steaper thanthe other planetsbecuase of a plantiod sized astroid smashing into it.most of the terrain is sand which is why all buildings are dug out of mountians or only temperary shelters easly tooken down or set up and able to withhold the planets greate sandstorms.

Vajion is much larger than Earth and has a much larger and stronger gravity well aproxamently Five times as much times as much earth does due to this most creatures are allot sturdier than ones on earth most commonly reptile and have light body and thick leg muscles.


once you hit about five feet under the sand the tempiture is allot lower in most parts and the ground is allot more solid and likely somewhat moist. The fact that most the planets water is below ground makes it so that most plantrs are atleast 80% underground with just the parts for photosynthesis abovehowever as strange as it may be there arnt very many creaures that burrow underground for more thn nesting and sleaping and the ones that do arn't common.

Life On VajionEdit

as harsh as the panet seems it's thriving with life, Plants and Animals are not hard to find if you know what your doing.